- Jumps
- Throws
- Races
- Modern Pentathlon
• Track in synthetic covering, 400 meters with 6 lanes
• 2 long jumps / triple jumps
• 1 high jumper
• 1 long pole
• 1 shot put / javelin throw area
• 1 steeple river

- Handball
- Basketball
- Volleyball
- Martial Arts
- Dance
- Fencing
- Badminton
• 1 handball court.
• 3 volleyball courts.
• 1 basketball court.
• 7 badminton courts
Possibility to adapt the Gymnasium for Roller racing and artistic
Grandstand with 200 seats
Multi activities:
44 mx 24m "floating" parquet
Double joist cladding coated with "Lino Wood" for sport
Changing rooms, toilets
Illumination level> 15,000 lux
Available height 11m at the highest, 9m at the lowest on the evolution area.

- Rugby
- Football
- Field hockey
- Football
Grassed land:
• 1 Rugby stadium (surrounded by the athletics track): 100m x 50m
• 1 multipurpose training stadium (surrounded by the Roller track)
• 1 multipurpose Football / Rugby stadium

- Strength Training
- Workout
- Re-athletics
Bright room equipped with high-tech equipment
Workout: 150 m² - 1 mirror
35 machines
20 Olympic Bars
- Dumbbells from 1kg kg to 24 kg
- Discs from 0.5 kg to 25 kg
- Kettlebells from 4 kg to 24 kg
1 squat cage
1 Squat Keizer
1 Functional Trainer Keizer
Physical preparation equipment:
- 2 Ropes to climb,
- elastic,
- 1 bosu,
- medicine ball from 500 g to 7 kg,
- modular hedges,
- rhythm scale,
- resistance harness,
- 2 mini-trampoline,
- Swedish benches
- plyo-metric platforms,

Training from 1000m to 5000m
Possible temperature variations (cold-hot)
Small space for workout
- CMDAP (Cable machine)
- A high pulley draw
- A bench press
- A deadlift
- Upper body strength machine
- Bars and dumbbells
- Horizontal scale

- weight lifting
- A physical training
- Post-injury rehabilitation
Exceptional mountain view
160 m2 - Large French doors
Seven complete weightlifting platforms. Fully absorbent surface
Supports: Bars and weights 3 mirrors
Small space for bodybuilding:
- 1 bench press
- 1 high pulley draw
1 3 in 1 structure (dips, traction, abs)

- Multipurpose space
- Combat sports
- Wrestling
- Preparation
- Physics
- Post-injury rehabilitation
600 m2 - 30m X 20m
Wrestling mat - 18m X 24m
2 large Olympic circles and 4 small circles.
Small space for bodybuilding
- CMDAP (Cable machine)
- 1 high pulley draw
- 1 bench press
- 1 deadlift
- 1 forearm reinforcement machine
- Bars and dumbbells
- Horizontal scale

- Swimming
- Post-injury rehabilitation
- Triathlon
- Modern Pentathlon
"GÉRARD GARROFF" swimming pool
6 water lines
- Uniform depth 2m
- Wall stopwatch
- 6 latest generation studs
+ Workout area with specific equipment
- 4 water lines
- Depth 1.4 m to 3.2 m
- Wall stopwatch

- Fencing
- Modern Pentathlon
- Shooting at 10 m
- 5 regulatory fencing tracks
- 12 shooting stations at 10m

Ice sports:
- Short Track
- Hockey
- Figure skating
Created in 1968, the Olympic skating rink took the name of "PHILIPPE CANDÉLORO" in 1993, a famous French athlete who came frequently to train at CNEA in Font-Romeu.
1800 m2 (60m x 30m)
Stadium of 450 places
- Cloakroom
- Full circumference of short-track protection
(45cm thickness) - Hockey equipment

Versatile Training Area
- Roller
- Long-track
Asphalt track
300 m x 6 m

- Climbing
- Specific preparation
- Sliding Sports
Climbing structure with ground protection wrestling mat.
Ski, freestyle, snowboard


- Roller-ski
- Ski-wheels
- Biathlon
- Nordic Ski
Close to the CNEA stadiums, the “Marin FOURCADE” track, managed by the Community of the Catalan Pyrenees, stretches in the forest for 2.2 km but can reach 3.5 km with loops with varied profiles. Throughout summer and winter, this track is frequented used by many French and foreign teams. Unique in France, athletes use it as well for roller-ski training, ski-wheels, biathlon, Nordic skiing…

- Alpine skiing
- Nordic Skiing
- Snowboarding
- Freestyle skiing and snowboarding…
The CNEA is located in the heart of the Cerdanya mountains, an exceptional site renowned for the practice of winter sports.

The Font-Romeu ski resort offers spaces for all disciplines, and in particular the “MARTIN FOURCADE” Roller-Ski track. The proximity of the ski slopes allows quick and easy access for athletes training at the center.

Many nearby ski resorts have come together to offer a ski pass for the whole region called the “Neiges Catalanes”.

The Pyrenean mountain and the “Cerdagne plateau” offer a huge playground for mountain biking training. From the CNEA, numerous mountain bike routes allow you to train on different elevations and degrees of difficulty. Forest, rocks, plains, long or short slopes, straight or winding slopes, ... Here you will find all the conditions to prepare your big sporting events.
At the heart of the Catalan Pyrenees Natural Park is 690 km of trails to explore by Mountain bike site certified by the French cycling federation
7 green courses (very easy)
13 blue courses (easy)
17 red courses (difficult)
3 black courses (very difficult)
Enduro circuits Tour of Catalan Pyrenees

Dozens of routes with varying elevations and altitudes are available to the many trail runners and triathletes who frequently come to the Catalan Pyrenees. Amongst the athletes that come often to the CNEA is the French triathlon team led by Vincent Luis, winner of the 2019 World Cup, the 5 times Ironman Winner in Nice and Hawaii in 2013, the Belgian Frederik Van Lierde and his friend Bart Aernouts, 2nd at the Ironman of Hawaii in 2018.
“Lac de Matemale,” “Les Angles”, “Font-Romeu”, “La Calme Refuge”, the route along the “Têt river””, the “Livia” trail… each one of these trails create a variety of tracks to train at according to your objective and training. With a little luck you will also see some of the animals that are omnipresent throughout the region!
There are multiple area where you can find the best, most scenic trails. Topographic maps can be downloaded onto your phone or your GPS watch in order to find your route. "Trace de Trail" is a platform mainly dedicated to Trail and running.
« Trace de Trail » is a platform mainly dedicated to Trail and running.
« Open Runner » " is a platform which offers the possibility of using routes and creating your own tracks for hiking, horse riding, snowshoeing, mountain biking, wheel skiing, Nordic skiing, trail running, etc. nearby.